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Snape’s Last Christmas

November 27, 2011

A new seasonal song by Valeria-Johanna, composed for Christmas 2011.

This is not a filk, but an original song for the Christmas/Winter Solstice season, telling how Severus Snape gave the Sword of Gryffindor to Harry and friends early on Boxing Day/St. Stephen’s Day, 1997. Both words and tune are my own, though they owe something to several folk-songs on the theme of lost love, especially in the motif of the green willow that the forsaken or separated lover wears around his hat. Snape wears it internally, where no one else can see it – and not just for the traditional ‘twelvemonth and a day’, but always.- Valeria-Johanna

To hear the song, please click on the title below:

Snape’s Last Christmas

The lyrics are here.

A wizard spell on the same theme, also by Valeria-Johanna:

Spell for a Patronus

(You can see a video of ‘Spell for a Patronus’, made by Moglet with artwork by Valeria-Johanna, here; and the lyrics to the Spell are here.)

  1. Ann permalink

    Well done V-J, it’s great to have music on the site, and I really love this song.

  2. Thank you very much. Now I’ve done it once, I’ll be able to put up some more songs by all of us.

  3. Belinda Lents permalink

    Beautiful and I am so happy it is on here so others can enjoy it all year long!

  4. Thank you! I’m wondering whether ‘Spell for a Patronus’ belongs on this post too, as it’s on the same theme. I can’t put the video here, but I imagine I can probably put a link to it. – V-J

  5. Well, I’ve tried it, and it seems to have worked…. V-J

  6. Fran permalink

    I wonder if I could electrocute myself by weeping into my keyboard… V-J’s Snape songs always get to me.

  7. Sorry about that! This was meant to be my attempt at a Christmas number, too. – V-J

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