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The Furriest Noël

December 7, 2011

The Furriest Noel, by Moglet

A new, Harry Potter, version of a traditional carol from WeenyOwl

WeenyOwl wrote this song about Remus Lupin’s Christmas to the tune of the traditional carol, ‘The First Noël’. She sings it here, with assistance from Valeria-Johanna, and Moglet created the artwork.

The Furriest Noël

The lyrics are here.


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  1. Ann permalink

    Great to have Weeny’s latest song here, the words are wonderful and it’s beautifully sung. I hope you don’t mind the picture this big, tell me if you want me to make it smaller.

  2. I had a few problems getting the size and definition of the picture right – it was tending to get rather pixellated. It’s possible that I in fact need a larger one, and then it might keep its detail when reduced in size. I like it at this size when it’s on a page by itself, but when you’re on the home page and all the pictures are visible it looks a bit large. But it is a very good picture. – V-J

  3. Ann permalink

    Well it doesn’t look pixellated to me as I view it here, and as long as you’re ok with this size that’s fine. I don’t think I’ve got it in a larger size though.

  4. I think I had made a mistake in the html, and then every time I re-uploaded the picture it went the same way. Then I discovered the feature that lets you go back to different autosaves of the post and compare them with the current one. I found one from when it was OK and restored that. (I was trying to make the picture just slightly smaller, but there were rather limited options on sizing.) – V-J

    • Ann permalink

      I can still make it smaller if you like, it won’t be a problem regarding quality,

  5. Let’s see what WeenyOwl thinks about it, since it’s her song. V-J

  6. I always forget that, even if you put up a smaller image in the post, people can always click on it to get the full-sized image.

  7. Fran permalink

    It looks fine as is on my computer, but if folks want it smaller and V-J doesn’t mind tinkering some more, I have no objection.

  8. I’m inclined to leave it as it is, then. It’s probably a good idea to have a bit of variety in the size and shape of the pictures. – V-J

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