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Luna’s Twelve Days of Christmas

December 8, 2011

Luna's GarlandA new, Harry Potter, version of a traditional carol from Moglet (with artwork by Valeria-Johanna):

Luna’s Twelve Days of Christmas

The lyrics are here.

A Christmas ‘filk’ by Moglet:

Christmas at the Burrow

Christmas at the Burrow, written and sung by Moglet, is a ‘filk’ of ‘Day Trip to Bangor’, composed by Debbie Cook for the British folk band Fiddler’s Dram, and a hit for them in 1979. Moglet’s words are based on the Christmas described in ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’. The lyrics are here.


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  1. Ann permalink

    I love the picture of the garland, I can just see Luna making herself a Christmas garland to hang on her door, and I imagine it could be a lot like this.

  2. Fran permalink

    I like the Nargles!

  3. Oh, good. I hoped people would recognise them. – V-J

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