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The Wand that’s Made of Holly

December 21, 2011

Wand with Holly Branch and Phoenix FeatherA new, Harry Potter, version of an old carol from WeenyOwl (with artwork by Valeria-Johanna).

This is WeenyOwl’s take on a traditional folk carol, ‘The Holly Bears a Berry’, otherwise known as the Sans Day Carol. She sings it here, accompanied by Moglet and Valeria-Johanna:

The Wand that’s Made of Holly

The lyrics are here.


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  1. Ann permalink

    I love the artwork, great job V-J, and of course it’s a great filk by Weeny.

  2. Thank you. I based the wand on the design for Harry’s holly wand made for the films, but for the phoenix feather I had to use my own initiative! Weeny’s filk has got just the right feeling for one of those very old folk carols. V-J

  3. Fran permalink

    Thank you for the beautiful artwork! I am honored.

  4. Well, we love having your songs on here. V-J

  5. Ann permalink

    The song inspired the artwork of course, I really like the way that there is now an additional creative streak being brought out by the songs and, of course, ultimately it is all inspired by the wonderful stories written by Jo.Rowling.

  6. The lyrics to this song are now at:

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