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Lyrics: Snape’s Last Christmas

December 24, 2011






Words and Music by Valeria-Johanna

(You can listen to the song here.)

Cold, cold night
At Hogwarts Castle,
A cheerless feast now,
For who will sing or laugh?
Few choose to stay
For this Christmas holiday,
As Snape takes a dead man’s chair
Among resentful staff.

No one will mind
When he leaves early,
Leaves the Carrows’ small-talk
And the others’ glares:
Little cheer at Christmas
When your name is Judas!
The whispers follow him
As he climbs the stairs.

Climbs to the tower,
Goes to his office:
Hidden from the prying eyes,
He has work to do.
At least one face here
Is glad to see him:
The magic portrait
Of the man he slew.

For there is news
Of Potter and Miss Granger,
Lost and in danger
In the Forest of Dean;
Snape must deliver
The true Sword of Gryffindor.
He leaves the Castle
Unsuspected and unseen.

Cold, cold night
In the ancient forest:
Harry keeps watch,
His hopes scarce alive.
Wounded and forsaken,
And his wand is broken:
Voldemort is at his throat,
And how can he survive?

Cold, cold night,
Stars are blazing:
Something amazing
Approaches through the wood:
Who could have sent it,
The beautiful patronus?
Someone powerful
And surely someone good.

Here shines the pool,
The Sword beneath it,
Means to destroy
The Dark Lord’s shattered soul;
But more than all,
A dear friend returning:
Three now together,
And hearts again are whole.

Snape pours a glass
Back in his office—
Pours it for Christmas
And a job well done;
Silently drinks it
To the lovely Lily;
Wishes for a way
He still could save her son.

Deep in his heart
He wears the green willow,
Deep in his heart
Where no one else can know:
Wears it forever
For the lovely Lily,
His only treasure
And his shining silver doe.

  1. These are the lyrics for the song at:

  2. Ann permalink

    It’s good to see lyrics on here as well.

  3. Thank you. Have you listened to the recording yet?

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