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The Parting Glass: a Song for Albus Dumbledore

January 2, 2012

The Parting Glass

A filk by Valeria-Johanna of a favourite Irish folk song, The Parting Glass. It’s sung here by Valeria-Johanna, who also made the artwork.

This version pictures Dumbledore, in the latter days of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, about to head off on his travels again in his search for the secret of how to beat Voldemort. Before he goes, he feels the need to have a word with his trusted right-hand man, and cracks open the oak-matured mead (or possibly the firewhisky).

The Parting Glass

The lyrics are here.


From → Song, Songs of Love

  1. Fran permalink

    More beautiful artwork, V-J! I love how you used a star-map to make Dumbledore’s sleeve.

  2. It looks like that, doesn’t it? Dumbledore’s robes are made from two particularly nice bits of card from my collection of crafty bits and pieces. In the photo I used, the glittery particles caught the light in a very starry way, which I was pleased with. I wanted any HP fan to be able to tell at once who the hands belonged to.

    With these images, I’ve been trying to do it all as far as possible with cutting and gluing, and no recourse to traditional drawing and painting media. So if you’re wondering about the marks of the cursed ring on Dumbledore’s hand I’ll just say two words – black coffee! – V-J

  3. Ann permalink

    Until Fran mentioned it, I’d not thought that the sleeve could look like a star map, of course I knew it was glittery as you had mentioned it, but now the idea has been put into my head it really does look like a star map,

  4. Once you’ve seen it like that, it’s quite hard not to. I think that photo was taken with flash, which brought out the glitter. – V-J

  5. Natasha permalink

    Always our favorite. Nice to here it again. Keep it up Singing Crones! From Natasha and Gabe. xxx

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