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Lyrics: If

February 5, 2012

Double Agent Snape







based on ‘If’, by David Gates: new words by Moglet

(You can listen to the song here.)

If I’d given up the dark arts,
Just like Lily asked me to,
And never used that name
Which caused us both such pain.
If a man could seek redemption for
The dreadful things he’s done
By spending all his life
Protecting Lily’s son,

And when I look at him, his mother’s eyes
Are gazing from his father’s face…

If a man can serve two masters at one time
This I must do, tomorrow and today,
My life will be this way.
And if people call me traitor
It is how it has to be,
For nobody must know
The love that drives me so.

And Dumbledore will use me once again
But I can see, he feels my pain…

And if this boy is ev’rything
That people say he is
And brings the dark lord’s end
Revenging my best friend,
The life that I have lived for years
May bring me to my death
But it will be worthwhile
Rememb’ring Lily’s smile.

So when at last my life draws to a close,
I hope that I will see my silver doe…

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