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Hogwarts Dream Dates

March 8, 2012

Seated Cupid

The game, invented by Devilskinn for a group on the Leaky Cauldron, is to suggest a suitable romantic date (occasion, setting, gifts etc) on which to invite a character from Harry Potter’s world. The next person has to guess who is to be invited on that date, and then suggest a new date of their own. Thanks to Devilskinn, Snowyowl and Raeraelefay for letting us use their contributions. (Cupid clipart from Karen’s Whimsy.)

For the answers, highlight the area following the word (answer), like this. (If you are reading this on an iPad or other device on which this doesn’t work, you can find the answers here.)

1. Devilskinn: I would buy this person a beautiful set of writing tools wrapped up in a heart-shaped box and take this person to a nice, romantic brunch in an open-air restaurant where the staff, being made up out of various nationalities, receives fair payment and conditions for their work.

Snowyowl: (answer) Hermione

2. I would give this person a book called Magical Creatures: known and unknown. The book would be wrapped up in very bright orange paper and come alongside a tiny box with a very peculiar bracelet, with different charms hanging from it (fossils, small orange and blue stones). I would take her out for a picnic in an enchanted forest.

Moglet: (answer) Luna

3. I would give this person a huge box of chocolates and a beautiful tiny working model of an orange-clad Quidditch player. Then I would take them out for a four course meal!

WeenyOwl: (answer) Ron Weasley

4. I would always give this person ample notice of my approach and keep both hands visible and empty. For Valentine’s Day I would offer the latest in Dark Detector technology and perhaps a jar of magical liniment for aching joints, but not wrap them up so securely as to alarm the recipient. On a date I would strive to be a good listener, appreciating any tales of past exploits and being receptive to the lessons of hard experience.

Valeria-Johanna: (answer) Mad-Eye Moody

5. I would give this person a thistle brooch, a box of shortbread with a view of the Highlands on the lid, and a year’s subscription to ‘Transfiguration Today’. On our date, we would picnic in a Glen.

Raeraelefay: (answer) Minerva McGonagall

6. I would give this person a mix CD of the latest music by Celestina Warbeck and take her to a spa – but no mud bath! I would then take her out for a candlelit dinner and let her go to bed early.

Valeria-Johanna: This must be for (answer) Molly Weasley, to let her have a much-needed day off.

7. I would give this person an ornamental plate with fluffy kittens on it, a pink cardigan, and a copy of The Prince by Machiavelli wrapped in pink paper. For our date, we would visit the London Dungeon.

WeenyOwl: (answer) Talk about the Date from Hell, V-J! But doesn’t Dolores Umbridge already have a whole closetful of those pink cardigans? Considering her sadistic proclivities, maybe she would have more use for some matching pink leather knickers with metal studs. But then again, I suppose that would be a bit too forward for a first date!

8. To entice the fancy of the person I’m thinking of, I would suggest that we scrub the floors of all the Hogwarts House Common Rooms together, staying up until the wee hours if necessary. Then, to add a romantic glow to what’s left of the evening, we would clean out all the hearths, refill them with fresh firewood and relight them. When this individual’s day off finally rolls around, we would head into Hogsmeade for brunch, but avoid the sort of dining establishments that feature low-hanging Tiffany lamps over the tables, just in case the subject of former employers came up in conversation. The perfect present to win my beau’s little heart would be a gift certificate for a wild shopping spree at Madame Lafitte’s Elite Hosiery Emporium.

Valeria-Johanna: (answer) Aaaaaah, that has to be Dobby.

9. I would treat this person to a set of spanners and a Ford Anglia repair manual. For our date, we would picnic in the car-park of B & Q or some other large DIY emporium, though I might have to ask the person not to draw attention to us by pointing and laughing.

Moglet: (answer) That just has to be Arthur 😀

10. I would give this person a bottle of the finest mead and a big box of crystallised Pineapple and we would dine at a gourmet restaurant which is frequented by many influential and famous people.

Valeria-Johanna: Yes. (answer) You might also take Horace Slughorn to a very classy show, but it would be difficult to find one for which he hadn’t already managed to blag free tickets.

11. I would give this person the collected poems of Edgar Allan Poe and a couple of novels by John le Carré. For our date I would take the person to Brontë Country in Yorkshire, where we could have a picnic on t’ Moors, and I would try very hard not to say anything stupid.

WeenyOwl: (answer) Our favourite Heathcliffian antihero and double agent, Severus Snape?

12. Anything that would get this person out of the house would probably qualify as a good date. I would surprise my beau with a big box containing a handsome leather biker jacket and piles of travel brochures illustrating the highlights of our upcoming tour: all the most exciting twisty roads in the world, from Lombard Street in San Francisco to the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia to high passes in the Alps, Andes and Himalayas. Our romantic duo ride would be punctuated by plenty of hearty meals to restore this person to the pink of health. I would demonstrate my desirability as a partner by being basically game for anything! We would not turn down any opportunity we encounter to experience a bit of action and adventure: perhaps some of the riskier sports like skydiving, rock climbing and SCUBA diving (but avoiding those like spelunking that might tend to induce claustrophobia).

Valeria-Johanna: (answer) I think you would have a thrilling time, helping our favourite ex-con, Sirius Black, to get rid of that Azkaban tan.

13. I would give this person a dragon’s egg. For our date, we would watch it hatching out. That’s it, really! Though I might decide to take my own home-made cakes.

Raeraelefay: (answer) I think Hagrid would love that!

14. For my date with this person, I would take him to the zoo where we would look at all the animals except one. We would also be sure to go during the daytime to avoid misreading the lunar calendar. We would go out for lunch, and I would surprise him with a box of chocolate frogs.

Moglet: Raerae’s date is surely (answer) Remus Lupin, the clues are there, the bit about the lunar calendar being the clearest one.

Someone will have to write the next date, I’m just about to go to bed 😀

15. Valeria-Johanna: Well then, I would court my new flame with plants and flowers, but not the kind you can send through Interflora. I would give him lots of praise and admiration, well-deserved, but he probably isn’t very used to hearing it. Above all, I’d let him choose how to spend a special day! But just to make sure, I would send an Owl to remind him, shortly before we were due to go out.

Raeraelefay: (answer) Neville Longbottom!

16. I would take my date to Versailles where we would appreciate the wealth and extravagance the palace had to offer. There we would pause for a very long time in the Hall of Mirrors there so he could stare at his own reflection. Finally, we would ride around on our very expensive broomsticks, playing games, and I’d let him win all of them, just to keep his ego up – all this on our way to the most expensive restaurant in France, where I’d let him show off by paying :).

Valeria-Johanna: (answer) How would you tear Gilderoy Lockhart away from all those mirrors?

17. To romance this person, I would buy a big selection of Muggle sweets, including sherbet lemons, and a colourful selection of socks. I would take him to a concert of beautiful classical songs, though I might have to try to persuade him not to sing along. Funnily enough, I would get Machiavelli’s The Prince for this person, too, but in a charming old leather binding.

Moglet: (answer) Albus Dumbledore would surely enjoy that date, and appreciate the rather apt gift of The Prince, I’m sure he would find it wryly amusing.

18. I’d take this person to see a crime drama in which the rather quirky detective is a master of disguise. We would have a picnic in a nice open area where there was nothing to trip over and I would buy them several fun hair decorations, and some lessons in deportment.

Raeraelefay: (answer) I’m sure that Tonks would love that!

19. I would take this person to a photography exhibit, where he would regale me with his knowledge of the camera. We then would walk around following a certain famous wizard, expecting an autograph. That’s all…short date but then again it would pique his interest!

WeenyOwl: (answer) Colin Creevey

20. The big challenge with the person I’m thinking of would be to entice him/her away from work long enough for the excursions that I have in mind. We would tour the world’s most stately forests, employing local wizarding guides to show us where the largest concentrations of Bowtruckles roost, and bring home great bundles of wood samples from their home trees. Our picnic dates in forest glades would consist largely of learned conversation about the lore and legend related to this person’s particular field of expertise.

Raeraelefay: (answer) Ollivander would love that but would you enjoy all the wand discussions?

21. For my date with this particular person, I would bake him/her a fresh chocolate cake before taking him/her to the Magical Menagerie where we would hold lengthy discussions on Kneazles and their breeding habits. Our date would be sadly cut short when we were called away to babysit, but I would make sure to go with this person and help out as best I could so that it wasn’t a waste of time for either party. Finally, I would gift him/her with a brand new dressing gown and some comfortable house slippers so as to have the opportunity for future dates. Or at least tea. We would never bring up embarrassing and unpleasant discussions of muggles, squibs, purebloods and the like.

Snowyowl (answer) Mrs Figg?

22. For my date we would go for a walk in the Scottish Highlands on a pale sunny afternoon having pleasant discussions on a wide range of topics. My present would be a precious book in an ornate box carved in bronze with sparkling sapphires (I think I might choose Shakespeare because of the wit he showed when inventing his characters).

Valeria-Johanna: Wow! (answer) It hadn’t occurred to me to aspire to one of the Founders, but Rowena Ravenclaw would undoubtedly be wonderful, witty company. I’m not so sure about mine:

23. I would give this person a brand new suit, and a supply of the finest cat food. We would spend the day at a trade fair for the security industry, and have dinner at a very exclusive restaurant where children (and especially teenagers) were not allowed.

Snowyowl: (answer) Is it Umbridge? It should be…

Valeria-Johanna: Snowyowl, it was meant to be Argus Filch, but clearly they’d be on the same wavelength. Perhaps we’d better just let them date one another.

24. Snowyowl: I would take my date to the finest of restaurants run by pure-bloods of course and with house-elves as waiters. We would order champagne and have oysters and lobster. My present would be a new wand, preferably an elm one.

Valeria-Johanna: (answer) I think your prospective beau must be Lucius Malfoy. Good luck with that!

25. I would invite this one to the Slug Club Christmas Party, while making sure that I could make a quick getaway. I would listen to my date’s Quidditch exploits with as much enthusiasm as I could manage.

SnowyOwl and WeenyOwl guessed at the same time: (answer) Cormac MacLaggen

WeenyOwl: Well, someone needs to keep Cormac MacLaggen off the streets, but better you than me, dearie!

26. An ideal date with this person might start with a long, relaxing, cleansing soak at a hot spring spa, followed by a change into some sturdy and practical new clothes and a quick trip to a hair salon – nothing too fussy, though. Then we would be all ready for a tour of one or two of the world’s greatest arboretums (arboreta?) and botanical gardens. As a parting gift to top off the day, I would present a copy of the Smith & Hawken catalogue and a gift certificate to order some useful gadget from it.

Valeria-Johanna: I think your latest date is Pomona Sprout. (And for all his faults, Cormac would be a better bet than Lucius, who, let us remember, has a wife and, more alarmingly, a sister-in-law!)

27. I would give this person a beautiful Kashmir shawl, embroidered in red and gold, and a cd of Bollywood hits. For our date, we would go to a ball. There might be a possibility of a double date, in which case I would make sure that both my friend and myself were well-dressed, polite and cheerful, and knew how to dance.

Raeraelefay: (answer) Parvati Patil

28. For my date, I would take this person to a home-show where we would look at decidedly normal, non-magical homes. I would then let her dress in her nicest dress and then take her to a perfectly normal, thank-you-very-much, fancy restaurant where I would make her feel like she was better than everyone else. As a gift, I would give her a perfectly normal, no-frills, bouquet of roses and a box of extremely bland chocolates. I’m sure she would call for a second date, as long as I didn’t mention anything she felt was too unpleasant.

Valeria-Johanna: (answer) Petunia Dursley

29. I would make this character a nice cosy nest in the arctic tundra, and bring her lemmings as a gift. If she decided to to make things a bit more permanent, I would fly around to keep the arctic foxes away from our children. But it is possible she might prefer to keep on working at her job in the communications industry.

WeenyOwl: Ah, V-J, you make me wonder sadly whether Hedwig ever had an admirer of her own species in her short life. I hope that might partially explain some of her longer absences, even if the romance never quite reached the nesting stage.

30. An ideal treat for the individual I have in mind might be box seats for a Muggle sporting event where being recognized and pestered by fans would not present a problem. I would endeavour to be perky and cheerful company, diverting my date from his/her gloomy tendencies, and always keep an eye out for instances of improved posture that I could praise and reinforce. But I would not hide my intellectual side, and if brought up tactfully, the subject of future educational reform might prove to be a stimulating topic for conversation over dinner.

(extra clue) Don’t assume that when we discuss potential educational reform, we will necessarily be talking about at Hogwarts.

Valeria-Johanna: (answer) Viktor Krum

31. I would invite my latest beau to a little place I know that serves spicy stews, cabbage rolls, and delicious stuffed vegetables. It also has very good security, so he wouldn’t be watching the door throughout our date. As the vodka flowed, I would try to keep the conversation on his team’s prospects in the Cup, rather than letting him dwell on such matters as dangerous former associates and unsympathetic potions masters.

Raeraelefay: (answer) Igor Karkaroff

32. I would ask my new ‘friend’ to sample some fine wines. Ve vould zen how you say ‘watch a movie’? It would be sure to be film noir. To finish our date, I would surprise my friend with very romantique Chanel perfumes and tickets to the next tennis or swimming competition – this person is rather sportive!

Devilskinn: (answer) Fleur Delacour

PS How interesting that no one tried to have a perfect date with Harry!

(Perhaps none of us fancied being on the receiving end of a Bat-Bogey Hex? – Valeria-Johanna)


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  1. Ann permalink

    Oh it’s great to see that here, reading through it made me all nostalgic, it was such fun playing that game.

  2. Yes, I thought it would be a shame if that game got forgotten, as some of the ideas were very creative. And I thought that if I could find a way of hiding and revealing the answers, other people would be able to have a go at it too (and then perhaps even think up some dates of their own). I hope this works. – V-J

  3. Belinda Lents permalink

    I finally got the site to load on my computer, they were all brilliant and many had me completely stumped. What a wonderful game! I did wonder on each one if there would be one with the answer of Harry-but I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of one Ginny’s hexes either 🙂

  4. Hello Belinda, it’s very nice to see you on here! I made one little adjustment yesterday. I had discovered that the answers wouldn’t display on an iPad, because the way I’d done it (putting the answers in the same colour as the background, so that they would appear when highlighted) only works on devices that use a mouse, trackpad or equivalent. So I’ve now made an extra post with the answers, which people can click on if necessary. – V-J

  5. Belinda Lents permalink

    I was glad to be able to get the site to load, my computer and/or internet seems to have issues with this site and a few others. Thank goodness, last night, it decided to let me enjoy the fun, too!

    Devilskinn did a great job creating the game and so many were spot on with the characters 🙂 I don’t have an iPad, but I am glad that you were able to work through the difficulties for others to be able to enjoy.

  6. Did the highlighting to reveal the answers work on your computer?

    Devilskinn has invented a lot of very good games, but this was a particular favourite of mine. I’m also hoping to post one of Moglet’s games fairly soon. – V-J

    • Belinda Lents permalink

      I didn’t have any trouble at all using the highlighting feature.

      I can’t wait to see the other games, there are so many creative people and ideas within the HP world!

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