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Hogwarts Dream Dates: the Answers

March 13, 2012

Since iPad users can’t access the hidden words by highlighting them with the mouse, we’re also posting the answers to Hogwarts Dream Dates here. (Spoiler alert! Read further at your peril!)

1. Hermione

2. Luna

3. Ron Weasley

4. Mad-Eye Moody

5. Minerva McGonagall

6. This must be for Molly Weasley, to let her have a much-needed day off.

7. Talk about the Date from Hell, V-J! But doesn’t Dolores Umbridge already have a whole closetful of those pink cardigans? Considering her sadistic proclivities, maybe she would have more use for some matching pink leather knickers with metal studs. But then again, I suppose that would be a bit too forward for a first date!

8. Aaaaaah, that has to be Dobby.

9. That just has to be Arthur.

10. Yes. You might also take Horace Slughorn to a very classy show, but it would be difficult to find one for which he hadn’t already managed to blag free tickets.

11. Our favourite Heathcliffian antihero and double agent, Severus Snape?

12. I think you would have a thrilling time, helping our favourite ex-con, Sirius Black, to get rid of that Azkaban tan.

13. I think Hagrid would love that!

14. Remus Lupin

15. Neville Longbottom!

16. Gilderoy Lockhart

17. Albus Dumbledore

18. Tonks

19. Colin Creevey

20. Ollivander would love that but would you enjoy all the wand discussions?

21. Mrs Figg

22. It hadn’t occurred to me to aspire to one of the Founders, but Rowena Ravenclaw would undoubtedly be wonderful, witty company.

23. Is it Umbridge? It should be…

Valeria-Johanna: Snowyowl, it was meant to be Argus Filch…

24. Lucius Malfoy

25. Cormac MacLaggen

26. I think your latest date is Pomona Sprout. (And for all his faults, Cormac would be a better bet than Lucius, who, let us remember, has a wife and, more alarmingly, a sister-in-law!)

27. Parvati Patil

28. Petunia Dursley

29. Hedwig

30. (extra clue) Don’t assume that when we discuss potential educational reform, we will necessarily be talking about at Hogwarts.

Viktor Krum

31. Igor Karkaroff

32. Fleur Delacour


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