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Love, Farewell

April 1, 2012

Snape with Dark Mark in Sky

(New lyrics and artwork by Valeria-Johanna)

‘Love, Farewell’ is a soldiers’ song from the era of the Napoleonic Wars, to which V-J has written a new set of words for Severus Snape. If you like her filk, she hopes you will also listen to the original, as performed by John Tams and the Rifles, and, ideally, download it in aid of the charity ‘Help for Heroes’.

Love, Farewell

The lyrics are here.

* * * * * *

July 4, 2012

You can now see a video of this song here.


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  1. Ann permalink

    This is one of my favourite pieces of your artwork, I love them all but this is particularly amazing, that dark mark is very effective.

  2. Thank you very much. I had been trying to think of a way of modelling the Dark Mark as it appears in the sky, looking, if I remember rightly, like a sinister constellation. Then I remembered the glittering blue card I used for part of Dumbledore’s cloak in the artwork for ‘The Parting Glass’, and wondered if they also made it in green. Which they did! – V-J

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