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Dementor Can-Can

April 2, 2012

Dementor Can-Can Title
The Crones were trying to decide what would be the most unsuitable pieces of music to accompany videos of various characters from Harry Potter. One of the ideas we came up with proved impossible for one of our number to resist.

So here, made by Moglet, with model-making by Valeria-Johanna, we have, Ladies and Gentlemen, for your delectation: the Dementor Can-Can!

This is the second video that Moglet has made for the Crones, using V-J’s card-and-paper models. The first one was Spell for a Patronus, very different in mood, which shows what a variety of inspiration can be found within Harry Potter’s world.

June 6, 2012

We now have a Quicktime version of the Dementor Can-Can, which gives a bigger picture and we hope will be compatible with a wider range of software. You can watch it here.


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  1. Belinda Lents permalink

    Gretchen just commented that she didn’t realize dementors could dance so well. She giggled through the whole thing, but said she liked their choice of music 🙂

    • When I first made the model Dementors, I actually found them quite frightening myself, but Moglet said I shouldn’t tone them down at all because if they weren’t so frightening, they wouldn’t be so funny either. I helped them to kick their legs up, by photographing them with feet and without, but it was Moglet, with her knowledge of Photoshoppic Dark Arts, who made them turn cartwheels and do the splits. V-J

  2. Ann permalink

    And it was a long and complicated process! Hearing the can-can so many times drove me mad in the end, and to stop my other half suffering the same fate I had to use headphones, but I’m really glad I did it as I can now watch it and enjoy it again, and I’m thrilled to find how much others have enjoyed it, I absoloutely love Gretchen’s reaction.

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