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Riddles (3)

May 1, 2012

SphinxFive riddles by our friend from the Leaky Cauldron, Maleficius (Chris). They are inspired by Anglo-Saxon riddles, so the answers are not specific to Harry Potter’s world. To find the answers, highlight the area after the word Answer: like this. (If you are reading this on an iPad or other device on which this doesn’t work, you can find the answers here.)


I run through a long field that grows not crop not tree
If snared I tear with many teeth ’til free
I never bite, I never eat, I have no eye
tell me then, what am I?

Answer: a comb


I turn my head, you go where you will,
I turn it again, you stay until
I turn my head once again
tell me then…what I am.

Answer: a key


For some I weigh heavy
For some I bring light
For some I’m inspiring
for others I bring insight.
If my leaves are shed
I diminish in worth
and I can not be valued
By size or by girth.

My face is of a type you know well
so if you know what I am do please tell.

Answer: a book


I’m in your mouth, I’m in your nose.
and even found within your toes
In equal measures I am found for sure,
in both a door and in the floor
and looking up and looking down
and even in childlike frown.

Answer: a vowel. (Line 3 contains all the English vowels in order.)


I am man’s treasure, taken from the Woods, Cliff-sides, hill-slopes, valleys and downs.

By day wings bear me in the buzzing air, Slip me under a sheltering roof-sweet craft.
Soon a man bears me to a tub.

I am binder and scourge of men, bring down the young, ravage the old, sap strength.
Soon he discovers who wrestles with me My fierce body-rush.

I roll fools flush on the ground. Robbed of strength,
reckless of speech, a man knows no power over hands, feet or mind.

Who am I who bind Men on middle-earth, blinding with rage
And such savage blows that dazed?
Fools know my dark power by daylight.

Answer: Mead


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