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Riddles (5)

May 6, 2012

SphinxFive riddles by BTN (Blame The Nargles): all the answers can be found in Harry Potter’s world. To find the answers, highlight the area after the word Answer: like this. (If you are reading this on an iPad or other device on which this doesn’t work, you can find the answers here.)



I am an odd being,
I believe without truly seeing.
My father has taught me about a motley zoo,
And I ‘can see them too.’
I like to daydream for pleasure,
And I truly believe,
That ‘Wit beyond measure
Is man’s greatest treasure.’
Who am I?

Answer: Luna Lovegood


I come in different colours,
Though always the same shape;
And beware when you try me,
You might not like what you take.

Answer: Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans


I can suit your wants and needs,
And hide you from your enemies.
But if you’re not careful in your wording,
You may find a loophole there.

Answer: The Room of Requirement


Green and harmless on the top,
But at the bottom danger lies;
So if you’re not careful when you take me,
you will meet your quick demise.

Answer: A mandrake


I cannot be Vanished,
scooped up,
siphoned away.
and you cannot change my nature.
There is but one other way.
And if you do it
you will not want to see another day.

Answer: The green potion covering the locket in the cave


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