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Riddles (6)

June 5, 2012

SphinxFive riddles by the three Crones: all the answers can be found in Harry Potter’s world. To find the answers, highlight the area after the word Answer: like this. (If you are reading this on an iPad or other device on which this doesn’t work, you can find the answers here.)


1. (by Moglet)

I’d welcome all, within to dwell
If people’s fates were mine to tell.
Beside the kitchens I reside
Equality is found inside.

What am I?

Answer: The Hufflepuff Common Room

2. (by Valeria-Johanna)

When I appear before his face
I’m a sign of deep disgrace.
But none will know, until he dies,
If I covered truth or lies.
What am I?

Answer: Severus Snape’s Death Eater Mask

3. (by Valeria-Johanna)

I’m the most powerful thing by far
In this whole universe.
Even the trace I leave behind
Can turn a Dark Lord’s curse.

The mere facsimile of me
Wreaks havoc in a school.
I made a hero out of Snape,
Made Albus play the fool.

Invisible, my face is seen
In child or man or woman;
If you try to live without me
You’ll end up less than human.
What am I?

Answer: Love

4. (by WeenyOwl)

My origin’s a puzzle,
But briefly here I dwell.
I don’t make conversation;
I do not listen well.
Yet I spin different stories
For everyone I’ve known,
And if you chance to meet me,
The point of view’s your own.
The thing I have to tell you
Is what you always knew;
To give you what you long for
Is what I cannot do.

Answer: The Mirror of Erised

5. (by WeenyOwl)

The mightiest amongst my kin, I never shed a tear,
And as a steadfast guardian I scarcely have a peer.
For, sound of heart and stout of limb, I stand, inspiring fear,
And woe to those foolhardy ones who dare to trespass here!
Not even those brave ginger twins whose fame resounds so clear
(The one who sacrificed his life, the other one an ear)
Were bold enough to challenge me – a safer course they’d steer.
And if you should be tempted at such prudence now to jeer,
Consider this: Though sleeping I may oftentimes appear,
This peaceful mien is only a most transient veneer.
To probe my knotty mysteries will likely cost you dear;
The last of me you may proclaim when next you venture near.

Answer: The Whomping Willow (which may make you say ‘Ow’ – see the last line).


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