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Hogwarts Animal Diaries

June 24, 2012

Moglet got the inspiration for this game from the dog and cat diaries that she found on the Internet. The challenge was to ‘write a diary entry or two (or three or whatever you want) for one of the animals in Harry Potter’.

Here are the diary entries so far: we hope our readers will feel inspired to write their own. Fang, Hedwig (sob), Pigwigeon, Hermes (would he have a personality like Percy? or maybe not be like him at all?), Buckbeak (we’d like to see his diary entry about the Malfoy incident), Arnold the pygmy puff, a Hogwarts owl, Tenebrus the first Thestral that Hagrid bred, Blast-Ended Skrewts, Aragog: the possibilities are endless.

(Illustrations from ceramic models by Valeria-Johanna)

Errol and Pigwigeon, the Weasley Owls

Extracts from Pigwigeon’s Diary

by Moglet

Friday: A man with long black hair wanted an owl to deliver a letter, I really really wanted to do it, so I twittered and zoomed around until he couldn’t ignore me and now I’m taking a letter to Harry Potter! SO EXCITED…

Saturday: I was trying really hard to keep up with the Hogwarts Express, looking in all the windows, getting blown around then a hand reached out and grabbed me, and guess what, it was Harry Potter himself who caught me! SO EXCITED…

Later Saturday: I was given to Harry Potter’s best friend Ron, so I’m going to see Harry quite a lot! SO EXCITED…

* * * * * * * * * *

Extracts from Errol’s Diary

by Moglet

Early September

Ex-hau-sting, flying all over the place delivering letters…just make it through the crowd of owls…Hogwarts Great Hall…worst place of all, wasting energy just to get to..Ron…whoops, crash-landed again! Need sleep…zzzzzzzzzzz

* * * * *


I’ve not had the energy to keep a daily diary….that Ron boy has got the most annoying owl, it’s tiny, and so noisy, can’t keep still….it makes me exhausted, just to spend any time in its company is torture……can’t get to sleep with all that twittering…..I’d swallow it whole if only I had the energy to capture it….sleeeeep….I need sleep. It’s got a stupid name, so undignified for an owl…but it is an undignified owl….it was never like this when I was a youngster, we knew how to behave.

I think I’ll go and sleep in the Hoarder’s shed….

* * * * * * * * * *
Extracts from Crookshanks’ diary (Prisoner of Azkaban period)

by Valeria-Johanna

So glad to be out of that shop: it was quite boring. No intellectual stimulation at all. I chose a girl human with bushy brown fur. She appreciates my qualities. She knows how to sit quietly with writing-on-paper things so I can go to sleep on her lap. There are two boy humans who hang around with her. One of them is quite bright for a human, in fact sometimes he can see what is happening in front of his nose. But the other one can’t see very well at all. He doesn’t like me. He smells of jealousy. I wonder if he hopes to mate with my girl human? I don’t think she’s interested. There’s an unpleasant man human who hangs around with the jealous boy human and even hides in his pocket. They all think he’s a rat even though he smells so wrong! I’ve tried to tell them, but you know how it is with humans. The rat human knows I’m on to him, too. What can I do?

* * * * *

Interesting. Now as well as a rat who isn’t a rat and a teacher who sometimes smells like a wolf instead of a human we have a dog who isn’t a dog. He’s big and black and scruffy and smells rough on the outside, but inside he smells like a good man human. Someone friendly to cats. He may be able to help me with the rat man human who lives in the jealous boy human’s pocket. Now all I need to do is to catch the rat human and show him to the black dog human. But he hides whenever I’m anywhere around, and the boy human drives me away if I go anywhere near.

* * * * * * * * * *

Some Slightly Charred Extracts from Fawkes’ Diary

by Valeria-Johanna

June 1996

I’ve been a bit worried about Albus lately. He has seemed worried and tired and not at all himself. If he were a Phoenix I would think he was due for a burning day soon. I would very much like to see him as a little baby wizard again, but he says that’s not how it works with humans.

* * * * *

July 1996

He was travelling again tonight, and he came back with a horrible-looking ring that he’d found somewhere. When he started to put it on I screamed to try and stop him, but it was too late. It hurt him badly. When he could speak, he shouted in the fireplace for Severus. That’s his name for the one I call the Raven. He came at once. That’s what he does when Albus is in trouble. He was very angry with Albus, but he did his best to heal him too. The Raven can manage both of those things at the same time, which not many people can, birds or humans. This time it didn’t work, though. Albus stayed hurt: his hand looked black, as though it was dead. It still does. Then they had one of their big arguments, with a lot of clever words that I couldn’t quite understand. Albus was joking and the Raven was being sarcastic. (That means he was being fierce and clever and not saying quite what he meant – Albus explained it to me once.) This is what wizards do when they are unhappy and they don’t want to say they are. It can get confusing, and it’s often easier to listen to their feelings than to the words. I listened now, and I understood that Albus was telling the Raven that it was soon going to be his burning day, and he was going to need the Raven’s help to be able to do it, because he couldn’t manage it on his own. The Raven didn’t like this, especially after all that work trying to mend him after he put on the horrible ring. I tried to tell him it was going to be all right, but I don’t think he understood. There was more, about the white-haired boy with the father who is always very rude to Albus. The Raven is supposed to be looking after him too. Soon he is going to have to look after everybody, it seems.

After the Raven had left, Albus said to me, ‘I wish you could stay and watch over them all when I’m gone.’ But that’s not how it works with Phoenixes. Anyway, the Raven has got his own one, but no one else seems to see Her, not even Albus. In fact I don’t think he can always see Her himself. But I shouldn’t say any more about that.

* * * * *

June 1997

They were arguing again tonight, about the boy called Harry. He has a mark on his head made by the Bad One, the Riddle boy who went wrong. Sometimes Harry is just like the other boys, and sometimes he seems as old as Albus or even me. And sometimes there is something else there too, and that’s what Albus and the Raven are worried about, I think. They had a tremendous row about it. The Raven was so angry that he almost became polite, and Albus couldn’t understand why. In the end the Raven even let him see Her, and that made Albus cry. But human tears can’t heal people like Phoenix tears can.

* * * * *
Late June 1997

Albus is off again tonight, with the boy Harry. Before he went, he said goodbye to me and thanked me in a serious way.

No one’s sleeping much tonight, or if they are they are having bad dreams. (I can feel it all through the Castle.) The Raven isn’t sleeping, he’s watching and waiting.

Time to go soon.

* * * * *

(For more from our animal friends’ diaries, see Hogwarts Animal Diaries 2.)


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  1. Belinda Lents permalink

    Wow, so good and might I add the last one was heart wrenching! I loved how you both really captured the personalities of the animals and their owners (or perhaps the animal’s pets).

  2. Thank you, on behalf of Moglet and myself – V-J

  3. Belinda Lents permalink

    I really think these are my favorite and of course, the Dementor Can-Can!

  4. This is fabulous!

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