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Anagram Poem, for Severus Snape

October 18, 2012

Snape holding Mask

In one of our games on The Leaky Cauldron website, we tried to make anagrams from the names of Harry Potter characters. There were so many for ‘Severus Snape’ that I thought I would try to fit some of them into verse. My aim was to average at least 2 anagrams per line, and end up with one that used all 12 letters.





What an ERA of SUSPENSE this Professor gave to US!
He SPUN so many RUSES, which the Dark Lord didn’t SUSS.
Though his speech was hardly SUAVE, and his manner quite SEVERE,
When he seemed to SERVE the Dark Lord it was only a VENEER.
For this man, dark as a RAVEN, had been struck by VENUS’ dart:
He’d SEEN his little EVE when young and to her lost his heart.
And when the Dark Lord hunted her his old ways he would SPURN,
And gave a pledge to Dumbledore which cost him dear to EARN.
It takes a mighty deal of NERVE from Voldemort to SEVER,
But more to APE Death Eater PEERS and stay beside him EVER,
Sit NEAR to him in council, give EAR to all his schemes,
To PEER into his webs and SNARES, PERUSE his darkest dreams.
And though Snape hated Harry’s PA, a grudge he still will NURSE,
And EVEN to James Potter’s son is generally AVERSE,
He USES all the arts he has – SPARSE praise or thanks he SEES,
Still watching, NEVER resting, a life without much EASE –
For Lily, NÉE Miss EVANS’, son, his error to ERASE,
Until, like Cleopatra’s ASP, a serpent ends his days.
Though Severus walked dark AVENUES where none should choose to VEER,
Within these VERSES I AVER, the reason is quite clear:
In a life with little SUN, he guards the light with SURENESS:
It’s love that SPURS him on to battle evil and SAVE PURENESS.



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