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Hermione’s Beaded Bag

January 2, 2014

Hermione's Beaded BagAfter having written a wry sort of love song from Hermione’s point of view directed toward Ron (I Guess I Owe It All to Lavender Brown), it seemed only fair to have Ron return the favour.  I was inspired to write Hermione’s Beaded Bag after listening to my local folk deejay playing a version (I think Robbie O’Connell’s) of Miss Fogarty’s Christmas Cake. This comic ersatz-Irish song about a near-lethal pastry confection with altogether too many ingredients (some of them clearly inedible) was actually written by an American named C. Frank Horn and originally published in 1883.  The tune is the same and so is the humorous spirit, although Hermione’s creation is wholly more admirable.  Ideally, it should be sung about twice as fast as I can manage it. – WeenyOwl

I felt this should be included among our seasonal numbers, as it is a ‘filk’ of a song about a Christmas cake – and I can easily imagine Ron singing it at a Weasley party. – Valeria-Johanna

The lyrics are here.


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  1. WeenyOwl permalink

    Oh, V-J, I love your artwork! It’s perfect! And clearly a magical talisman, with all that sparkly pixie dust floating around it…

    • So glad you like it! On looking at it again, I realised that there should have been a link to ‘Lavender Brown’ in your remarks on the piece, so I have put that in. – V-J

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