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Rolling Home to Dear Old Hogwarts

September 18, 2014

Valeria-Johanna singing WeenyOwl's song

We could perhaps call this our first live gig. Valeria-Johanna was singing one of WeenyOwl’s filks at a fund-raising concert in Manchester, 13 September 2014.

The song was ‘Rolling Home to Dear Old Hogwarts’, WeenyOwl’s version of the traditional seafaring song,‘Rolling Home to Dear Old England/Caledonia/Old New England’ etc. The audience joined in the chorus with considerable vigour.

In this recording, WeenyOwl is singing, with the other two Crones joining in the chorus, with the aid of digital technology:

The lyrics are here.


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  1. moglet permalink

    It’s a lovely photo, and it’s good to listen to the song again while imagining you singing it at the concert.

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