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Christmas/Winter Solstice 2012

Christmas common roomHere, just a little late, is our new seasonal song for 2012, a Hogwarts version of ‘Silent Night’, written and sung by Moglet to the tune of the traditional carol. The photo shows the Gryffindor Common Room decorated for Christmas, as seen on the Harry Potter Studio Tour.

Silent night (Hogwarts Version)

The lyrics are here.




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Snape’s Last Christmas
(with Spell for a Patronus)


Lyrics: Silent Night (Hogwarts Version)

Gryffindor Christmas TreeSILENT NIGHT (Hogwarts version)

New lyrics by Moglet




Silent night, stars shining bright;
Hogwarts grounds clothed in white.
Round the castle bright parcels are borne
For the students upon Christmas morn,
Sleeping now filled with peace,
Sleeping now filled with peace.

Anagram Poem, for Severus Snape

Snape holding Mask

In one of our games on The Leaky Cauldron website, we tried to make anagrams from the names of Harry Potter characters. There were so many for ‘Severus Snape’ that I thought I would try to fit some of them into verse. My aim was to average at least 2 anagrams per line, and end up with one that used all 12 letters.





What an ERA of SUSPENSE this Professor gave to US!
He SPUN so many RUSES, which the Dark Lord didn’t SUSS.
Though his speech was hardly SUAVE, and his manner quite SEVERE,
When he seemed to SERVE the Dark Lord it was only a VENEER.

A New Thought for the Pensieve

PensieveValeria-Johanna has recently added a new Thought to her Pensieve, a poem called For Lily: a Ghazal. (It’s now poem no. 6.) She writes:

‘That was my first attempt at a Ghazal, an ancient form from the Islamic world which has also been adopted into many Indian languages. It has quite strict rules of form and length, but the really tricky part for me is the fact that each stanza has to be separate, and, ideally, capable of standing on its own as a poem. You can’t carry a story on from verse to verse. Instead, it’s held together by a theme, which is generally concerned with love, either ‘sacred’ or ‘profane’ or both together, often with strong Sufi influences. The love is often unrequited, and the lover’s sufferings can be presented in quite violent terms. Traditionally, the poet works his/her own name or soubriquet into the last stanza.

Video: Love, Farewell (to Lily)

Snape alone on TowerA video made by Valeria-Johanna, from her card-and-paper artworks: Love, Farewell (to Lily). This is V-J’s first attempt at animation. (Moglet helped with advice and Photoshop.)

The song is here and the lyrics are here.

Hogwarts Animal Diaries

Moglet got the inspiration for this game from the dog and cat diaries that she found on the Internet. The challenge was to ‘write a diary entry or two (or three or whatever you want) for one of the animals in Harry Potter’.

Here are the diary entries so far: we hope our readers will feel inspired to write their own. Fang, Hedwig (sob), Pigwigeon, Hermes (would he have a personality like Percy? or maybe not be like him at all?), Buckbeak (we’d like to see his diary entry about the Malfoy incident), Arnold the pygmy puff, a Hogwarts owl, Tenebrus the first Thestral that Hagrid bred, Blast-Ended Skrewts, Aragog: the possibilities are endless.

(Illustrations from ceramic models by Valeria-Johanna)

Errol and Pigwigeon, the Weasley Owls

Extracts from Pigwigeon’s Diary

by Moglet

Friday: A man with long black hair wanted an owl to deliver a letter, I really really wanted to do it, so I twittered and zoomed around until he couldn’t ignore me and now I’m taking a letter to Harry Potter! SO EXCITED…

Saturday: I was trying really hard to keep up with the Hogwarts Express, looking in all the windows, getting blown around then a hand reached out and grabbed me, and guess what, it was Harry Potter himself who caught me! SO EXCITED…

Later Saturday: I was given to Harry Potter’s best friend Ron, so I’m going to see Harry quite a lot! SO EXCITED…

* * * * * * * * * *

With the Dark Mark Branded on Your Arm

Draco and Death Eaters

‘With the Dark Mark Branded on Your Arm’ is a filk of ‘With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm,’ a much-loved comic/macabre song about the ghost of Anne Boleyn from the English Music Hall tradition. It’s the sort of thing that Dr. Demento would play on his annual Halloween show on American radio. My version, which preserves rather more of the macabre than the comic elements, is written from the point of view of the elder Malfoys as they try to warn Draco what he has gotten himself into – although, as I try to show in the final chorus, by this point in the tale they too are beginning to experience some misgivings about where they have placed their loyalties. – WeenyOwl

With the Dark Mark Branded on Your Arm

The lyrics are here.